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A building warrant is the legal permission to start building work, or to convert or demolish a building. If you carry out work that requires building warrant without first obtaining a warrant you are committing an offence.


Verifiers are responsible for issuing building warrants. In assessing your application for a warrant, they must apply the standards set by the building regulations at the date of your application.


How do I obtain a building warrant?


You must make an application to a verifier, which at present is your local Council  - Building Standards Department.


An Architect will prepare plans and advise you on the procedures that are required, including the level of information necessary for the application. Paul McShane Architecture's main role is to act as your Agent, which typilcally includes liaising and preparing information for Planning and Building Warrant Applications. We apply on your behalf. This is recommended as the best course for people not experienced in building work.


Do I need to inform my neighbours when I make application for warrant and do they have the right to object to the works shown in my application?


No. However, a warrant only shows compliance with the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004. Where the proposed building work is likely to affect or involve a mutual part of a building or any part of another building, you may have other legal obligations. It is advisable to inform any affected party.


Note also that if you need planning permission for the work (which is separate from the building warrant) neighbour notification may be required. Your Architect or local authority can advise you on planning matters.


Is a charge made for the warrant service?


Yes. The level of fee is based on the estimated value of the work you propose, not the cost of the work. The verifier can advise you of the required fee. An indication of the fee is shown in the table of fees in the Procedural Handbook available here. Please note that the fee is for the...


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